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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО


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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО

Folk dance boots



Folk dance boots

Perfect performance of folk dances is possible only with the use of good choreography skills, high emotional impact and correctly chosen outfit. National costumes of dancers allow to properly convey the main idea of the performance and demonstrate ethnic style in all true colors.

Folk dance boots are stylized dancing shoes designed according to the traditions and characteristics of movement of artists feet. Working in such shoes the dancer feels great, which is very important during the performances and festivals. Online store "Sudarushka" offers folk dance boots of high quality from the manufacturer. The range is presented in the section of folk dance shoes.

Folk dance boots - buy at a bargain price

The catalog of our trading and manufacturing company offers men's and womens' Russian folk dance boots made out of genuine leather, characterized by good usability and durability. The sole is made of croupon which allows an easy artistic performance of dance techniques, as well as maximum comfort. Women's models have small inlaid heel which ensures good stability. Most typical for Russian dance style are plain boots - red, white or black, whereas boots with decorative jointing can be used for other national dances.

It is very easy to order ready-made models of folk dance boots from "Sudarushka", as well as place an order for individual tailoring for dance groups. You can also invite our specialist to take measures. We can modify any model upon request.

Traditional boots for Russian folk dances from the manufacturer

Russian dance is an art with a long history, which began with the development of horovod – a traditional circle dance, symbolizing the sun. With the advent of statehood in Russia buffoons and stage dance forms appeared. The reign of Peter I who has brought many innovations from the West to Russia had its impact on culture. Foreign salon dancing - polka, quadrille and lanz - changed by acquiring elements of local style. Today, boots and folk costume are necessary for this Russian dance. Do you want to buy dance shoes of high quality at an affordable price? Make your order with "Sudarushka" company with a 15 years experience in the market offering goods from the manufacturer. We offer high quality and a great choice!


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