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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО


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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО

Ballet Garments


Selling ballroom dress rehearsal

Garments Ballet production of "Sudarushka" very reminiscent of clothes for performances. Rather, the inexperienced observer did not even tell them apart. This is no accident. Ballroom dance - it's always a short colorful history, where each of the characters in your character. It is this character and image is created dancer rehearsals. His chief assistants - music and appearance, an important role that is played by clothing.

Specificity Clothes for ballroom dancing

Master's studio "Sudarushka" know the specifics of ballroom dancing and are able to choose ideal fabric for the production of rehearsal suits, dresses, skirts.
Rehearsals - a serious, often many hours of stress. Therefore, the fabric should be comfortable and environmentally friendly. It can be cotton, viscose, high-quality synthetics. Our company offers sewing equipment to work with just such kinds of fabrics. We attach great importance workmanship seams. They should be flat without injuring the skin firm and elastic.

Proizvodtsva ball repetichionnoy clothes

Mindful that the rehearsal costume takes part in the creative process, we choose thick fabric, flowing, beautiful. They look great in the ruffles, the year, all kinds of draperies. All this allows the suit effectively "play" during the dance: flounces on the skirt repeat the hips, drapes beautifully emphasize the body. Dancer like myself, it is important not only in speech, but in the course of rehearsals. Only then it will create an image that will impress the audience.
Production and trading company "Sudarushka" many years of professional ballroom dancers, accompanied by producing for their rehearsal clothes. We are proud to say that "grow" a generation of artists.

Individual and bulk orders

All the rehearsal costumes, presented in our catalog are available for purchase. If you are a dance group, please contact us with the purchase of mass production. This is a reasonable, cost-effective solution. We are loyal to our constant partners and wholesalers and customers. "Sudarushka" offers ballroom Garments at both the regional and federal and international markets. Our name is often heard in a professional environment artists and dancers. Well, we are proud of our reputation and continue to diligently and enthusiastically to work for her and for your success.

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