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ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Магазин работает в будние дни - с 9.00 до 17.00, суббота, воскресенье - выходной день.


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ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Магазин работает в будние дни - с 9.00 до 17.00, суббота, воскресенье - выходной день.

Payment and Delivery

Shopping is easy in our online shop "Sudarushka"!

Payment Options

1. Payment by invoice

You can pay for your order at any convenient bank by invoice issued by us after the placement of an order on our website. Money transfer will take 2-3 working days. When paying by bank transfer an additional commission is charged by the bank. Your bank can give you further information on the amount of commission.

2. Payment at the post office (Russian Post).

You can pay for your order at the nearest post office, by a postal money order. Postal order form with all the data of your order will be sent to you by e-mail or by fax.

3. Transfer to a Sberbank credit card.

The easiest option of payment for orders is in cash through Sberbank ATM, it is a direct transfer to a bank card.

4. Payment by credit card.

You can pay for your order by credit card or through other payment systems. Payments are accepted online after order confirmation.

5. Payment by Yandex.Money

We accept electronic payments by Yandex.Money. To pay in this way select a payment method by Yandex.Money when palcing an order. After the order is checked by our manager, you will receive a link to payment page.

Delivery of Goods

We will deliver the goods to any place in Russia or abroad. You can choose the best option for the delivery of goods based on cost and time yourself, or you can entrust it our experts.

Delivery within Kirov costs 200 rubles. Also possible is to pickup your order from the theater shop "Sudarushka" at Stalnoy pereulok 3.

When calculating the cost of delivery, remember that the shipment takes place from the city of Kirov in Kirov region. Our production and head office are located here. Shipping cost is not included in the price of goods!

Delivery Options

We cooperate with the following companies: EMS Russian Post, Major Express, Business Lines (Delovye Linii), Zheldorekspeditsiya, PEC, Russian Post, DHL.

1. Russian Post Delivery

Delivery is carried out to those places, to which it is impractical to deliver the goods by courier services. Russian Post Delivery usually takes a minimum of 7 days depending on the remoteness of the recipient. Shipping cost is calculated individually and depends on your order and delivery address.

2. Delivery by courier service

Delivery is carried out to any point in the world and is handed over immediately to the customer. Terms and cost of delivery depend on the destination, weight and dimensions of the goods. Delivery can be made by any company, for example: Delivery Service "Express Courier", "Daymakes" Company.

3. Shipping by transport company

The goods are delivered to all major cities of Russia, or to the terminal of the transport company, or to the front door of the buyer, the minimum cost of delivery is 350 rubles. If the goods are heavy and large in size the price is calculated based on the weight and volume of cargo. Payment for the delivery of goods takes place directly in the terminal of the transport company.

If you have any questions, we are always glad to answer them at: + 7-922-668-92-34 -

or Pavel +7 (8332) 40-53-40.

Warranty & Returns

We strive to provide the highest level of service, so there is a warranty period set for all products, and special conditions of return.


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