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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО


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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО



Sale of Russian folk headdresses and kokoshnikov

The company  «Sudarushka» presents on the pages of the company's online store a rich assortment of kokoshnikov-women's folk headdresses of its own production. Use our online service to buy a kokoshnik.

What is a kokoshnik?

Kokoshnik is a female headdress in the form of a crest or crescent, which is part of the historical national costume of the Russian people. Kokoshniks are very different in appearance: from modest everyday versions of headdresses based on a kokoshnik to tall elegant kokoshniks richly embroidered with threads, beads, stones and other decorations – for a holiday and a special occasion.

When making a kokoshnik, the decor and finishing are done manually: we entrust this work to our best craftsmen!

Sale of kokoshnikov from the theater studio «Sudarushka»

The sale of kokoshniks produced by the Russian company «Sudarushka» is carried out to creative theater and dance groups, retail stores of carnival costumes, event industry specialists, museums of national costume and folk life. We also work with individual clients and individuals.

To complement an elegant Russian sundress with a beautiful headdress, to complete the image of the Snow Maiden, to decorate the head of a fairy-tale princess-this pleasant task has a beautiful solution in the form of a traditional kokoshnik.

Folk headdresses at the prices of the manufacturer

In the company's online store «Sudarushka» you will buy a kokoshnik at retail at a favorable price. When buying a large batch of kokoshniks for a creative team or a retail theater store, as well as for regular customers and partners, we have discounts and individual price offers.

How to buy a kokoshnik in an online store? 

Take a look at the Kokoshnikov samples posted on the catalog pages. These models are designed by our company's designers, who are well aware of the history and traditions of sewing Russian costumes

To make a purchase, add the selected kokoshnik to the «basket» or contact our managers by phone or via the feedback form. We will help you make a choice, we will advise you on the availability and size. If you need to change the decor and color of any of the existing models, we will make a kokoshnik to order according to your wishes.


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