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What "Sudarushka" can do best is the production of carnival, masquerade costumes and appropriate shoes. In doing so, we have reached a high level of skill, so we are able to perform work of any complexity.

The services of the theater tailoring shop of "Sudarushka" company include:

  •     developing of sketches, modeling and design of stage clothes;
  •     custom and mass tailoring of dance, theater, and stage costumes;
  •     production of New Year's holidays fancy dresses (including Ded Moroz and Snegurochka costumes);
  •     tailoring of folk costumes;
  •     tailoring of training and rehearsal clothes;
  •     production of rehearsal shoes as well as shoes for shows and performances;
  •     production of stage, theater, and folk hats;
  •     production of mascots.

Custom Tailoring

We have an individual approach to every customer: we design sketches, model and tailor unique costumes according to your wishes. It can be clothes for a dance or a group performance, or a dress for a single artist.
Индивидуальный пошив
We use high quality wear resistant fabrics, accessories and decor for production.

"Sudarushka" Company employs a team of professionals, and everyone works with all heart and diligence. Thanks to this all orders are executed on time and in proper quality.

Custom-Made Stage and Dance Shoes

The subject of our special pride is stage and dance shoes, each pair of which is made by hand. Ballroom dancing shoes, quadrille boots or jazz shoes will complete the scenic image, create comfort and perfection of movements. Shoes are produced as standard models, as well as exclusive ones based on individual designs. We also make shoes for training and rehearsals: ballet shoes of durable cotton fabric with divided leather sole that provides the desired flexibility of the foot.

Сценическая и танцевальная обувь на заказ

All shoes are made from natural materials. They are light, durable, comfortable and beautiful, and just ask to be on stage!

Theatre Tailoring Shop

"Sudarushka" Theatre Tailoring Shop offers a unique service: design and tailoring of stage items. We will decorate your stage, regardless of its size, with stage curtain, coulisse, and coving. We use appropriate fabric and equipment to do this.

Театральное ателье

In our theater store you can find not only finished copies of stage and rehearsal clothes and shoes, but also all kinds of accessories: wigs, props, masks, and even mascots. The latter can be made to order, by the way.

Once you address "Sudarushka" Production Company you will receive high-quality service, personal approach and competent problem-solving. And of course, you will be satisfied with the result! 


Примеры наших работ

Tailoring of Stage and Theatrical Costumes

We produce stage and theatrical costumes, colorful outfits, dresses for oriental, ballroom, modern and folk dances, as well as related accessories and shoes.

Manufacture of Dance Shoes

We produce dance shoes: ballet, jazz, folk dance, ballroom shoes, stage shoes. Manufacturing is performed upon order. We sell shoes in wholesale and retail.


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