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ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Магазин работает по летнему графику с 12 мая. Будни дни - с 9.00 до 17.00, суббота, воскресенье - выходные дни.

Rehearsal Clothing


Selling Rehearsal Clothing

Hello and welcome to our online shop, and namely the Rehearsal Clothing section! If you have any doubts or questions when making your choice, this article will help you decide.

The most important point about rehearsal clothing is for it to be convenient and not hinder your movements. Therefore, you should pick it up a week before rehearsals start, not any earlier, because all people change: some of us lose weight, some are growing, and some are constantly building up muscles.

A good example of such clothing in our product range is a variety of leotards (long sleeve leotard, short sleeve leotard, tank leotard, ¾ sleeves leotard), tights, capris and cycling tights. Before choosing rehearsal clothing you should always consult with your instructor or coach to take into account all peculiarities of your future trainings. Therefore, we have a special service - "custom tailoring".

Thermal Clothing 

In addition to convenience, rehearsal clothing should also have a warming effect. This is to ensure that muscles and ligaments do not cool down ahead of time. If the body is warmed up the risk of bruises and sprains is much lower. Knitted rehearsal clothing is used for the same purpose: you can also find knitted socks and sweaters in our product range.

Gymnastics and Dance Clothing

The color and style of clothing also plays a very important role. The garments you purchase should of course look nice, but do not forget they should also be functional. Therefore, we recommend that you choose one-color garments to emphasize the contours of your body, thus allowing to trace the effectiveness of certain exercises which significantly facilitates the work of your coach and saves your efforts. Therefore, we have a wide range of garments in different colors, various rehearsal dresses and skirts for the entire size range.

Where can you buy rehearsal clothing?

"Sudarushka" offers a very large range of rehearsal clothing to match all tastes and needs. We consider our main task to live up to date. Each new costume we manufacture is tested by professional dancers. It is here where you can pick up clothes for rehearsals and trainings according to your own individual needs. It is also possible to order custom tailoring of garments (see "Collaboration"). "Sudarushka" store is the place for those who want to succeed. We are known for our professionalism and individual approach to the needs of each and every customer. We wish you a pleasant and fruitful shopping and new achievements!



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