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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО


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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО

Historic costumes


Clerk's Robe

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Price on request

Production and sale of historical costumes

Master production and trading company "Sudarushka" develop and sew custom-made period costumes of any complexity.
We have 15 years of experience tailoring historic dress, and we understand that in most cases, each order is unique, because the historical costume - the subject niche, narrowly claimed. We are trusted by the production of this type of clothing because fashion "Sudarushki" familiar with the history of fashion and know the rules of manufacturing historically accurate costumes.

Historic costumes to order

Our customers - theaters, museums and private individuals. We produce a reconstruction of the costumes of famous historical figures, sew clothing sets for theater productions on relevant topics, as well as for festive carnival activities.
In the catalog on the site are a few examples of works: Venetian costume, medieval dress, a suit of Peter I, and others. All are available for order. In addition to these examples of the "Sudarushki" have experience in tailoring suits custom-design. We are also ready to develop a costume from scratch.
Historic costume represented not only clothing. It includes appropriate to the time and way of footwear, headgear (hats, hoods, bonnets, hats for hair), accessories (gloves, bags, umbrellas, belts), as well as decorations. The presence of all these details and try to provide details of the master of "Sudarushka"

Execution of special orders

In cases where it is necessary to make a series of historical costumes, such as the theater, our cutters are ready to leave in place for removal of measures with models and checkout. We produce the required number of approvals and fittings to suit sitting perfectly and was a "very real"!


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