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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО


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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО

Costumes peoples of Russia


Sewing and sale of national costumes

Production and trading company "Sudarushka" sews national costume. "Sudarushka" cooperates with wholesale partners (shops, dance and theater groups, museums of folk life) and to individuals by implementing products through its own retail stores.
Each of us is, looks like a national costume. This bright clothes, which is characterized by its own special features: cut, decor. Russia - a vast country, which lives within the boundaries of many different peoples. Each of them has its own culture and national or regional characteristics of clothing.

Designing costumes

Our costume designers, artists are exploring the traditions of tailoring of folk costumes and all of its elements. National costumes of the peoples of Russia and neighboring countries met with high historical and ethnic authenticity.
The collection, which "Sudarushka" is proud to present to your attention, you'll see some authentic costumes: Georgian national costume, male and female, Kuban costume Moldovan costumes, Dagestan, male and female costumes and many others.

Sewing costumes peoples of Russia to order

All of these models, we are willing to make to order the right amount. If you have your own sketch of a unique national costume, come to us. Our masters will update you the required parameters of the order - and take for the cause! Well, if you do not have sketches, then we will develop a suit of nationally "from scratch" under your control, if you deem it necessary.
When sewing the fabric we use, traditional for these regions, given their composition, texture and color. To reproduce the folk costume "Sudarushka" fits closely and comprehensively. After all, the national costume - it's not only the clothes, but also other elements: hats, shoes that we produce with the necessary materials - leather, wood, and others. We also select jewelry to the suit, complete the image.


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