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ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Магазин работает по летнему графику с 12 мая. Будни дни - с 9.00 до 17.00, суббота, воскресенье - выходные дни.


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ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Магазин работает по летнему графику с 12 мая. Будни дни - с 9.00 до 17.00, суббота, воскресенье - выходные дни.



Headdresses for dancing, performances and choir

The company «Sudarushka» carries out online sale of headdresses for dancing, performances and choir. In the presence of kokoshniks, magpies, caps, sultans. There are models for children.

Since we ourselves are manufacturers of stage costumes, we sell headdresses at low prices. We work on individual and wholesale orders. We cooperate with dance schools, choreographic groups. We will perform the tailoring of headdresses according to your request. We deliver to the regions of Russia.

Headdresses for dancing

The artistic solution of the dance costume is very important for the artist, because it carries a figurative content. Modeling of the outfit aims to achieve the maximum expressiveness of the image. A headdress for dancing is often a necessary accent to the costume. Its correct selection and high-quality tailoring can significantly affect the success of a choreographic production. The specialists of «Sudarushka» have extensive experience working on orders from professional artists, take into account the specifics of performances.

Headdresses for performances

In their appearance, headdresses for performances differ from those that are used everyday. They can be modeled in a certain way for sewing from various materials, they can have interesting and unusual shapes. The performance of the task depends largely on the professionalism of the specialist and his perception of the image of the artist. The masters of the Russian company «Sudarushka» will carry out for you a professional tailoring of an outfit for a performance on stage or a festive event that completely completes the stage image.

Heddresses for the choir

An integral part of the folklore costume for the choir is also a beautiful headdress. It is often the most noticeable element in clothing and brings together the artistic idea of the national dress. The online store «Sudarushka» offers a wide selection of headdresses for the choir. Open the catalog and choose!


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