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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО


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АКЦИЯ!!! Специальные цены на репетиционную одежду!!!! >>ПОДРОБНО



Snegurochka costumes from the manufacturer

It is impossible to celebrate the New Year holiday without Snegurochka. This is the second main character of a New Year fest. Both children and adults like Granddaughter of Ded Moroz and are waiting for her. Make your holiday a memorable one, give joy to your family and guests! You need a carnival costume to turn into a fairy-tale Snegurochka.

"Sudarushka" Production and Trading Company produces carnival outfits for the celebrations and offers you to buy costumes of Snegurochka to celebrate the New Year. At competitive prices, we present different options of costumes of Snegurochka: from models with short fur coat and hat to those with kokoshnik, long skirts, dresses, jackets, sewn from brocade, fleece or fur, decorated with swans down and tape or jointing with stones. White, silver, blue, dark blue costumes of Snegurochka are presented. All of them are of high quality, and many of them are also created like old clothes of Russian noblewomen.

Where to buy a Snegurochka costume?

"Sudarushka" Company offers costumes of Snegurochka of different price categories. It is very favorable, simple and fast to buy a costume of Snegurochka from the manufacturer at an affordable price. We produce costumes of Snegurochka for many years, making the main focus on quality of manufacturing. Different sizes are available. The catalog also presents children's costumes, which will be a great gift for the New Year’s holiday for your child.

For celebrations and large events, concerts and performances we offer costumes of Snegurochka of higher price category. They differ in design and handmade elements are used in their making. To those who participate in the event as master of ceremonies we suggest to order a custom tailoring of costume of Snegurochka. In addition, we can offer different New Year accessories, such as "Snegurochka" boots which perfectly complement the fairy-tale image.

Snegurochka costumes by wholesale

There are special offers and discounts for wholesale customers. For details please contact "Sudarushka" Theater Online shop managers by phone listed on the site. It is easy to order and buy a costume of Snegurochka from the manufacturer at attractive prices. We deliver Snegurochka costumes within Russia and abroad.


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