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Folk dance women's shoes


Folk dance shoes

Folk dances have special dynamics and rhythm. Of great importance are the dancer's outfit which defines ethnicity and, accordingly, the style of dance pieces. Folk dance shoes must properly complete the stage image of a dancer, emphasizing the attractiveness of the costume or dress, adding a special touch to the dance, and still be comfortable and durable. Manufacturing and trading company "Sudarushka" offers you to buy folk dance shoes from the manufacturer at bargain prices! We work with wholesale and retail customers and take orders from individual dance groups.


What do folk dance shoes look like?

Women's folk dance shoes are always made as court shoes with a closed toe and a stable wide horseshoe heel and have one or two straps. Most of them are models with a solid sole, but there is also an option with a split sole which allows the dancer to bend the toe during the performance. It is important for the actor to feel comfortable, that is why folk dance shoes are made of soft genuine eather. The special design of the heel prevents feet fatigue. Its height is usually from one to four centimeters.

The color of folk dance shoes

Without doubt, the choice of shoe color is determined by the style of dancer's dress. At the same time one of the most successful solutions is red shoes for folk dances, drawing attention to the legs of the performer and adding an important finishing touch to Russian folk style image. Classic white and black models are also popular. They can be perfectly combined with various outfit options. You can use gold shoes for folk dances to create an unusual image. At your wish our experts will modify the existing models in accordance with your requirements.

Dance shoes by "Sudarushka" combine classic design, high quality and attractive prices! They are convenient to perform complicated moves such as stamping and tapping because they are made of natural materials - leather and croupon. High durability of the shoes is also achieved through the use of high quality glue.

Leaders of folk dance groups and wholesale buyers, please order online and buy high quality folk dance shoes from the manufacturer!


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