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Professional dance shoes from the manufacturer


Dance shoes

Dance shoes are different from everyday shoes because they comply with certain characteristics which make them comfortable and beautiful. Dancers should feel comfortable and easy performing dance steps, and this is possible only in special models designed for performances at public events or stage. Online shop of the trading and manufacturing company "Sudarushka" offers professional dance shoes from the manufacturer. All shoes are made of natural materials of high quality and are offered at attractive prices. Performing individual orders is also possible.


Types of professional dance shoes

Dance groups today use different types of shoes — the choice is mostly defined by the style in which they work. We offer you to buy the following types of professional dance shoes:

  • ballet shoes;
  • jazz shoes;
  • shoes;
  • sandals;
  • boots;
  • low shoes;
  • high shoes;
  • stage shoes.

Professional footwear is an important element of the dancer's outfit, completing his image and representing a certain aesthetics along with the suit. Our company produces different kinds of dance shoes and sells them at low prices. Using our online service, you can order several pairs of shoes, or make an individual order. For you, we will modify the model from the catalog, or create a completely new one. For dance and theater companies we organize tailor's visit. 


What are high quality dance shoes?

Professional dance shoes are, first and foremost, practical and comfortable models. They are made by experts from genuine leather and high-quality textiles, which allows the dancer to feel comfortable wearing them. The sole of most models is flexible, made of croupon. Heel is made of wood, in a number of models having a dial design. In order to sustain a large number of performances and rehearsals, dance shoes should have good durability.

Today we offer you a wide range of professional dance shoes from the manufacturer. It is very simple to make an order with us online or contact us at the contact number. Company consultants will answer all questions and assist you when ordering.


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