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Snegurochka Costumes in Moscow


Snegurochka costumes in Moscow

If you are looking for a beautiful rich Snegurochka costume in Moscow at a reasonable price check out the catalog of online store "Sudarushka". We have a huge selection of New Year's costumes of own production for sale.

We will talk about the advantages of ordering costumes at the online store.

Reliability. "Sudarushka" company is an experienced producer of carnival costumes, clothing and shoes for dancing. We have a long and stable relationship with the creative teams, centers and theaters throughout Russia.

Benefit. All Snegurochka costumes are made at "Sudarushka" theater studio. Buy New Year's costumes from the manufacturer without any retail extra charge by ordering them at our shop.

Convenience. Internet shopping is a comfortable and modern way to purchase goods. Select the Snegurochka costume you like and order at a convenient time for you!


Snegurochka costumes in Moscow from the manufacturer

Production and trading company "Sudarushka" has been a reliable supplier of costumes for over 15 years. One of our favorite production lines is sewing New Year costumes for Snegurochka and Ded Moroz.

You can find photos of Snegurochka dresses in our catalog. All the models are designed by our artists who know the history of the national costumes. Therefore, they are based on Russian folk holiday dresses - clothes creating a charming feminine look.

We choose the most elegant and beautiful fabrics for our production: brocade, velvet, silk, and organza. For decoraiton of costumes we use delicate swan's down, soutache braid, beads and gems.

Our artists manually decorate the costumes contributing their emotions and skill to their work.


How can I order a costume online?

Ordering a Snegurochka costume at «Sudarushka» Internet shop in Moscow is easy:

1. Select the costume in the catalog in the size and amount you need;

2. Make an order by adding the item to your shopping basket;

3. Specify your contact information, method of contact and delivery address;

4. Our manager will contact you shortly to process the order;

5. You can pay in a variety of ways, including e-money transfer and choose the best delivery option.

Buy a Snegurochka costume for your New Year's holiday at "Sudarushka" online shop! Your Snegurochka will charm the guests at first sight and give them a magical mood!


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