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Warranty & Returns

The costs of shipping goods for exchange shall be borne by the buyer.

You can exchange or return the goods to us according to the Federal Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" within fourteen days of purchase (counting from the date of delivery of the order to the purchaser or the date of purchase).

Please note that it is only possible if the goods are not used, and you still have all the supporting documents (sales receipt, invoice, freight bill, courier receipt and so forth.), as well as packaging and labels. In addition, according to the list of non-food products of good quality not subject to return and exchange for similar goods in the wording of Government Order dated October 20, 1998 number 1222 and on February 6, 2002 number 81, textiles (linen, silk, wool and synthetic fabrics, ribbons lace, braid), as well as sewing and knitwear (hosiery, underwear) products are not accepted for return or exchange.

All items offered by us come with the necessary documentation, which we recommended you to save.

If you notice defects through the fault of the manufacturer, you should keep the packaging and maintain the product's original condition. In this case, we suggest you to contact us at +7 (8332) 54-39-39 or send an e-mail: sudarushka2004@mail.ru describing the defect and (if possible) a photo. We accept claims within two days from the date of purchase or delivery of the item. In this case shipping the new product to you will be made at our expense.


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