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Boat shoes ballroom M98 7 cm


Classic ballroom shoes "Pumps"
Classic ballroom shoes on a steady graceful heel 7cm look very laconically. They are made in the company "Sudarushka", which has more than 15 years of experience in tailoring and manufacturing stage, dance clothing and shoes.
Shoes are covered with red satin. They will look great in a waltz with the long ball dress and also adequately complement the scenic image. For the soles split is used - a special kind of thick leather, which prevents slipping in dance and provides good grip with the floor.
This model can be made in beige color, size range from 36 to 39 sizes. To make an order, call us on the phone. Managers will answer questions about dimensions, availability and advice on the conditions of the order. We accept individual and group applications. If you need dance shoes for the group, we will come to take the measurements and make the order on the spot. Use the online purchase form in the online store - it is also very convenient. 

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