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Santa Claus boots. White with silver curved nose

  • Model: Santa Claus boots. White with silver curved nose
  • Material: материал верха - натуральная кожа, материал подклада - хлопок, материал подошвы - полимерный материал
  • Color: white
  • Set: a pair of shoes
  • Size: 38, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45
  • Price: 77 $

Exclusive model shoes - boots of Santa Claus! Made of genuine leather. Sole micropores lining - textiles.
This fabulous boots, universal, suitable for any costume. Bright suit and complement the image as a whole.
We offer Boots Santa Claus in various colors and styles, in different forms. For special order, refer to the contacts!
Order this model! Before the holidays everything is available in large quantities!


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