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Manufacture of Dance Shoes

The importance of high-quality footwear for dancing is so great that would be no exaggeration to assert that the quality of dance shoes largely determines the success of the performance. Indeed, the shoes and other footwear used in dance performance differ greatly from normal shoes. Since dance shoes are used for specific purposes it is important that they meet some strict special requirements.
Dance shoes custom wholesale

Types of dance shoes

The company "Sudarushka" produces a wide range of dance shoes:
In our work, we pay attention to every detail, such as straps often added to ballroom shoes for women. Some kinds of dance require classic "flats". Kadrilki are shoes for folk dancing equipped with lacing. It is best to regulate them tightly, but comfortably for feet.
Manufacture of dance shoes
An important design feature in footwear with heels is the instep, which has a certain length and strength, taking into account the increased pressure on the sole of the dancer.
Manufacture of dance shoes
Jazz shoes for dance improvisation are made entirely of leather and normally have no arch support. Their soles are soft and consist of two separate parts - under the heel part and under the metatarsal part. Midfoot part provides the necessary flexibility for the dance.
Manufacture of dance shoes

Features of dance shoes

  1. Top part material. Dance shoes are preferably made of genuine leather, because it is more hygienic and durable. In addition, leather provides a better fit for the foot. Often, in accordance with the standards of dance shoes tailoring satin is used as the top part material.
  2. The sole and heel. Soles of shoes for ballroom dancing are usually made of specially processed thick skin which should ensure proper adhesion to the parquet in the ballroom. The heel, depending on the type of dance, may have a special shape and height. When we talk about folk dances there are more general requirements to the sole which are to ensure comfort and durability.
  3. Design features. It is important for the shoes to fit tightly on foot, but do not prevent movement. Therefore, the size of the shoes is chosen taking into account that once the shoes are worn for a while they become larger.

Custom dance shoes for wholesale 

Production and trading company "Sudarushka" has over 15 years of experience in manufacturing dance shoes and meets all the requirements and standards. We produce custom-made shoes, working both with individuals and organizations, culture institutions, dance groups, and shops.
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Working with us comfortable: we visit customers to take measurements and receive orders. We manufacture dance shoes of the best quality and on time, even when it comes to the most complex and numerous orders. Call or email us to place an order. Leave everything else to us. You will be satisfied with the cooperation and your dancers will enjoy performing in the shoes manufactured by "Sudarushka" company. 

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